About the company Ziemantics LLC

Ziemantics LLC is a privately held company founded in August of 2007 in Delaware. The founder of Ziemantics LLC is Arda Celebi, who is a computer engineer and the leading developer of all projects in the Ziemantics Labs.

History in short

While Ziemantics LLC is a very young company taking its first baby steps, projects developed at Ziemantics Labs exist on the Internet for a long time. Newzie was the first project made its debut back in 2004. Then Feedzie, Ziepod, and Zietag projects followed Newzie respectively.

Ambitious goals to accomplish

Solutions developed at Ziemantics Labs are all about Information Technologies. Our goal is to develop tools to help you process, manage, and share information, both thru software and web-based applications. We want to be one of the leading companies on that road.

We are using our knowledge and innovative thinking to create the most unique and powerful applications for everybody. We are working and thinking hard around the clock to provide the most necessary tools.

At this moment, while we are developing content processing tools in our Feedzie project, Ziepod, Newzie, and Zietag projects are mainly concentrated on information management concept. In very near future, we will release new projects with information sharing concept in mind. To learn more about our goals for each project, visit the 'Projects' segment.

To succeed, users first

The center of each project is the real user himself. We provide very fast and effective customer support. We live on feedbacks and suggestions coming from our users. In every chance we got, we encourage our users to send their questions and suggestions so that we can understand the real needs and requirements of our users and shape our products accordingly.

Looking at the Future

We are developing very interesting and powerful tools for everybody and we can succeed only if we can reach more people and provide them our solutions to make them more powerful.

Having said that, we need support from our users and investment from investors. This way, we can not only make our solutions available for large audience but also have enough resources to enhance our existing projects and develop far more powerful projects in the future.

Follow us

We have dreams but we are the only ones who can see them right now. We like you to follow us so that you can see and experience them, too.