We are developing tools for content classification and automated tagging in order to help you understand the content better.We are helping you get control over the content by developing content management techniques and tools.We are working on platforms and tools to help you share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others.

Projects being developed at Ziemantics Labs

Below, you can find short description of all active projects currently being developed at Ziemantics Labs.
If you like to learn more about them, you can follow the given links or contact us.

RunningTalksTYPE: social network
PLATFORM: Web-based and Windows

RunningTalks is a free-speech platform where people share their comments on talk subjects created by people themselves. People post their comment in audio via tools provided by platform itself.

[ More on RunningTalks Project ] [ Visit RunningTalks.com ]
ZiepodTYPE: podcast receiver and player (aka podcatcher)

Ziepod is used for subscribing podcasts. With Ziepod, you can download and play published media files and manage them as easy as managing your emails with your email client.

[ More on Ziepod Project ] [ Visit Ziepod.com ]
NewzieTYPE: news aggregator (aka news reader or feed reader)

Newzie is used for subscribing to feeds of the Blogosphere. You can even monitor regular webpages for updates. Newzie supports various monitoring and content presentation tools.

[ More on Newzie Project ] [ Visit Newzie.com ]
ZietagTYPE: knowledge-base manager

Zietag is a very special project to manage information in pieces by making use of tags. It helps you organize your findings related to your interests and monitor your interests on the Internet thru search engines.

[ More on Zietag Project ] [ Visit Zietag.com ]
FeedzieTYPE: content-centric search engine
PLATFORM: Web-based

Feedzie.com is a search engine for feeds and podcasts, as well as audio and video episodes published thru podcasts. It helps you expand your search by showing topics related to your search query.

[ More on Feedzie Project ] [ Visit Feedzie.com ]

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