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RunningTalks.com, social network for free speech
Project Description

As a free public service developed by Ziemantics, RunningTalks platform is a free speech platform where people share their opinion about talk subjects created by people themselves.

Everything starts with someone asking a question to learn peoples opinion about it, such as "What do you think about the future of the cell phone?". People, who like to add their comment on that asked subject, record and post their comment in audio via tools provided by the platform itself.

While everybody can browse existing running talks and listen to made comments on those talks, only registered users can create their own running talks and record-and-post their comments on talks created by other members. They can also monitor their favorite talks for new comments, as well as keeping track of favorite tags and members for fast access.

In addition to the website, there is also a software application called RTClient, which is used for accessing the platform remotely. It is capable of providing all functions provided by the website as well as customized settings.

Project Goals
1. Helping people share
One of the primary goals of the Ziemantics is to help people share their experience with others. On the way to accomplish this goal, RunningTalks platform is our first project. Thru this platform, people can create running talks and allows community members to share their opinion on those asked talk subjects.
2. Being a platform for free speech
Being able to express their opinion about any talk subject freely and being able to do that quick and easy are two very important aspect of this platform from users' point of view. To provide such free platform while protecting our members with the best privacy policy is our ultimate goal for this platform.
3. Providing innovative and fast user experience

Design of the underlying components and the website itself are very important to provide the best user experience. To accomplish that, we tried to use the latest technology as well as building our own components specific to the task.

To given an example, the website is based on the latest technology called AJAX, which enables the website to act like a software application by responsing to user requests very quickly. For much faster access, we are also providing a software application, called RTClient, specifically to access the platform remotely so that you don't have to use any web browser and do access the platform as fast as possible.

Our future goals is to help members of the platform keep track of newest content and deliver the content they are interested in right in front of their eyes.

4. Being a testbed for our future web-based applications

RunningTalks platform consists of various components and each of them is the testbed for our future projects.

Among other things, the web server of the RunningTalks platform, called Mohinder, has being built specifically for this platform from scratch. And it is very important component for the future of this company as we will be enhancing and using it in our future projects.

In addition to that, the website itself will be a learning platform in order to provide better web-based applications in the future.

Sample Screenshots
Here are some screenshot that help you familiarize yourself with the project and see some of its features in action. Under each screenshot, you can find a short description about it. Please use the navigation buttons located at the bottom of the panel to switch between screenshots.
Showing the homepage of the RunningTalks website. At the center, active tag cloud is shown. Visitors use these tags to browse running talks in the platform.

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