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Feedzie.com, content-centric search engine
Project Description

Feedzie.com is the first and the only active web-based project currently developed at Ziemantics Labs. Feedzie.com is a search engine to find feeds and podcasts on the Internet, as well as audio and video episodes published thru podcasts. In addition to being able to access from its website, that is Feedzie.com, you can also send your queries to the Feedzie search engine and access search results from inside Ziepod.

Project Goals

As a web-based application, Feedzie.com has a very special place among other projects developed at Ziemantics Labs. That is mostly because of the fact that more people can access from any computer and anytime they want. Furthermore, it gives us a chance to improve our skills to develop better web-based applications in the future. Other than these general goals, here are more solid goals behind the Feedzie project.

1. Testbed to develop content centric tools
The primary goal of Feedzie is to provide us the testbed to develop content processing tools based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. At its current stage, Feedzie.com hosts the development of automated tagging and content classification tools. These two are the predecessors of tools that will be used in upcoming projects to be developed at Ziemantics Labs.
2. Providing embedded search platform
In addition to the access from its website, we are developing Feedzie so that you can also access it from our other products. By doing this, we should be able to provide you faster and richer content access. For example, Ziepod users can send their search queries to Feedzie.com and reach search results from inside Ziepod. This way, they don't have to use a web browser but Ziepod to get interact with found audios and videos directly. In the future, as Feedzie provides more tools, we will be working on hooking them to our other products and increase their capabilities thru an extra web support.
3. Better understanding of Blogosphere
Since our products are mainly related to the Blogosphere, we should be able to identify the characteristics and diversity of Blogosphere so that we can create better tools to help you handle this gigantic world with no hassle. For example, being able to identify blogs that post junk data or copied posts from other blogs is a real challange in order to provide more clean environment for the Blogosphere community.
4. Tools for publishers
While developing tools to process content published thru blogs, we will also make use of that knowledge to develop tools to help publishers present their content to their visitors. To give an example, showing what kind of things blogger is talking about helps his visitors understand the overall concept behind that blog and increase the interaction and satisfaction level. Moreover, that type of tools can decrease the time visitors spend to see whether that blog matches with their interests.
Sample Screenshots
Here are some screenshot that help you familiarize yourself with the project and see some of its features in action. Under each screenshot, you can find a short description about it. Please use the navigation buttons located at the bottom of the panel to switch between screenshots.
Showing the front page of the Feedzie.com where most active words from monitored feeds are shown in the tag cloud presentation.
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