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Newzie, a news aggregator (aka feed reader)
Project Description

Newzie is a software application for Windows machines to subscribe to news feeds and blogs of the Blogosphere. Newzie is not only capable of subscribing to RSS and ATOM formatted feeds but also monitoring regular webpages for updates. Newzie periodically checks subscribed feeds and monitored webpages for updates and notifies you when new content is available. After detection of new content, Newzie can present retrieved content in various ways, such as in webpage-like pages, thru popup notifier or newsbar.

Newzie is a freeware application.

Project Goals

Below you can find the goals we defined for the success of the Newzie project

1. Handling as much subscription as possible

The primary motivation behind news aggreators is to monitor feeds automatically so that you don't have to check each feed one by one to see whether there is any update. This type of automation eventually allows you to subscribe as many feeds as you need to. Hence, subscribing to 500 feeds via news aggreator is not that strange.

Based on this fact, we are trying to design Newzie so that no mather how many subscriptions you have and no mather how much content they can publish each day, Newzie should handle all of it without showing any sign of lack of performance.

2. Providing powerful monitoring tools
You should be able to define your interests and let Newzie monitor them so that it can immediately notify you of occurances of those monitored items. Latest Newzie release supports many monitoring techniques, such as word watchdogs and virtual channels.
3. Presenting retrieved content better
Handling lots of subscriptions is one thing, presenting retrieved content from those large number of subscriptions is another. We developed number of presentation tools and techniques to help you compile retrieved content into pages and read them at once.

Features like news slideshow, highlights and even color coding of news based on their recency helps you identify and consume content quickly. However as we want Newzie to handle more, we need to enhance those technique and maybe provide additional tools.

4. Newzie in all languages
The fact that only those people that speaks English can make use of Newzie is not fair in any way. Hence, Newzie should be available in as much language as possible so that every person on Earth can experience it.
5. Supporting publication
Newzie should not only be used for handling subscriptions but also give you necessary tools to help you publish your own posts based on that reading experience.
Sample Screenshots
Here are some screenshot that help you familiarize yourself with the project and see some of its features in action. Under each screenshot, you can find a short description about it. Please use the navigation buttons located at the bottom of the panel to switch between screenshots.
Showing Newzie in full view mode. At the left hand side, Newzie lists subscribed feeds with color coding, which indicates how recently each item has been updated. At the right handside, Newzie shows retrieved content from selected subscription in html-base presentation.
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